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Safety Audit , Hazop Study Services

Safety Audit, Risk Assesment, Hazzop Study, Onsite Emergency Plan


We have highly Qualified Safety Team who have rich experience in the field of safety in different Industry and are well conversed with requirements in industry for the safe working by workers. We help identify where and how you can improve your safety and environmental management systems and performance.

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Our Activities comprise of :

  • Safety Audit : We carry out Safety audit in different Industries as per IS 14489 . Our Experts in the field of Safety examine management system, facilities and activities of the organization on safety aspects. We also assess the current hazards, the level of prevention, Steps taken to protect and how emergency is be tackled. Based on our findings we prepare a recommendation to upgrade safety in the company and avoid any mishaps
  • Quantitative Risk Assessment: This Study is carried out to measure the risk involved from the operations in the chemical industries Process. The evaluation is a four step process with Hazard Identification, Consequence analysis, Frequency estimation and Risk analysis.
  • HIRA (Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment) : The objective of HIRA is to help the Industry foresee any major health and safety hazards in their activities and day to day operations. The methodology of HIRA is to assess the existing risk in any operation or process with respect to the safety precautions needed and suggest future safety measures needed .
  • HAZOP STUDY : Hazop study is the assessment on adequacy of safety measures taken by industries with respect to the current hazards present. Any Industry having chemical process may have deviation from actual design parameters. HAZOP study is a methodology to identify all such possible deviations of the process parameters like Pressure, temperature, Process, direction of flow and many more. We Identify such deviations, there output, consequences which may occur and safety measures needed for the same.