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Our Facilities

Testing Workshop Near GIDC RANOLI, Vadodara Where in following Activities are Done :

  • Servicing , Calibration and testing of Safety Relief Valves
  • Servicing , Calibration and testing of Excess Flow Valves & Internal Valves
  • Degassing of Road Tanker Testing Facility as per SMPV Rules.
  • Hydro testing of Road Tankers with Blinding, Deblinding, Water filling and Complete Cleaning
  • Lifting Tools & Tackles Calibration and Testing Facility upto 20 ton capacity
  • Facility for Hydrotesting of Tanks upto 135 Kg/cm²
  • Can Carry out the Load Test of Cranes upto 30 Ton with Dynamometer by us.
  • All the type of instruments testing and calibration of instruments like Pressure Gauge, Vacuum Gauge, Temperature Controller, Indicator.
  • Facillity for all types of NDT Testing like Thickness test, Flaw Detection Test, MPT, DP Test


Head Office :

Fully furnished office with area 1200 sq. ft all facility for Certification located at Baroda Training Room for around 35 people with projector , Chairs, And white board available at Baroda office

Branch Office :

Jamagar Office: Fully furnished office with all facility for Certification located Near RIL Gate , Jamnagar

Bharuch Office : Office with Necessary facility for Certification located In Bharuch.

Ahmedabad Office : Office with Necessary facility for Certification located In Ahmedabad.


Sr. No. Technical Particulars Of The Facility System Application in activity
1. Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge
Make: Modsonic Instruments Mfg. Co. (P) Ltd. Qty : 5 nos
Measurement of plate thickness
Range: 2mm to 300mm
2. Dynamometer
Make: ADI Controls Makarpura. Cap : 20.0 T Qty : 3 nos
Testing of Lifting Tools & Tackles
3. Dynamometer
Cap: 5.0 T
Testing of Lifting Tools & Tackles
4. Yotameter Make: Tecnical Industrial Oswaldo Filizola Cap : 30 T Testing of Chain pulley
Blocks & Lifting Tools & Tackles
5. Dead Weight Tester
Make: System Engineers
Measurement of Force
Range: 2 to 200 Kg/cm²
6. Hydraulic Pump [2 No.] For Hydraulic Testing of equipment.
Range up to 350 Kg/cm²
7. Hydraulic Pump
Electrically Operated [ 1 No. ]
For Hydraulic Testing of equipment
Range: up to 150 Kg/cm²
8. Safety Valve Testing Kit for Testing upto 8 “ Dia ( At Site and AT our Workshop) Safety Valves
9. Safety Valves Servicing of all Types at our Workshop with Test bench, Cylinders and Lapping machine Safety Valves
10. Excess Flow Valves and Internal Vavles Testing Facility ( At our Workshop) Excess Flow Vavles and Internal Valves
11. Mano Meter Measurement of Pressure
Range: -1 to +1 Kg/cm²
12. Verinier Calipers = 4 Nos. Measurement Of Wire Rope Dia.
13. Temperature Bath Make: Techno Instruments
Range: Ambient to 400°c
14. Digital Multimeter Make : HP – 3440 1A
Sr. No. US 36025934.
15. Hand Operated Mager – 500 Volts -
16. Earth Tester -
17. Sound level Meter Measurement of Noise Make –A TO Z instrument corp.
18. Anemometer For Measurement of air velocity
19. Calibration facility for Explosive meter & Oxygen meter -
20. Certfied Measuremebnt Tap 15 Meter & 30 Meter Calibration Of Storage Tanks
21. Certifed Conical Measures Calibration Of Storage Tanks
22. Certfied Measuremebnt Deep Tap 15 Meter & Spring Balance Calibration Of Storage Tanks
23. Dust and Fumes Monitoring Machine For Environmental monitoring
24. Lux meter For Measuring Light Illumination in companies