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NDT Testing Services

We are Qualified Inspectors as per ASNT Level – II for Ultrasonic Thickness Testing, Magnetic Particle Testing, Radiography Testing (Interpretation), Dye Penetrant Testing as per Standards & as per requirement of SMPV (U) Rules 2016.


We are also Certified Welding Inspector from American Welding Society. We carry out different inspection and certification of Tanks, Pipelines, Chimneys, Boilers, Plates , Welding Quality Check and many others as per NDT Techniques.

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Our Activities comprise of :

  • Ultrasonic Thickness Testing, Flaw Detection Testing for Tanks, Plates, Pipelines, Chimneys, Boilers etc
  • Dye Penetrant Testing of Weld joints of Tanks, Pipeline, Forklift, Lifting hook Etc
  • Radiography (Interpretation) of Weld Joints of Tanks, Pipeline.
  • Magnetic Partificle test & Wet Fluroscent Magnetic particle test of Tanks , Piplines.
  • Hardness Test of Tanks as per SMPV Requirements
  • Inspection , Certification of all types of Welds, Welder Qualification, Preparation of WPS, WPQ as per AWS along with quality check of Weld Joints at the time of fabrication by Certified Welding Inspector