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Inspection as per SMPV Rules (U)2016


We are Competent person Recognized as per SMPV (U)RULES 2016 and we carry out inspection and certification of Compressed Gas Storage Tanks, Compressed Gas Road Rankers, Safety Valves, Excess Flow Valves, Internal Valves. We are also having PESO Approved Degassing & Purging Station of Compressed Gas Road Tankers.

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Our Activities comprise of :

  • Rule – 18 :- Certificate Of Yearly Test Of Safety Relief Valve, Internal Valve, Excess Flow Valve (Yearly)
  • Rule – 19 :- Certifcate Of Hydrostatic Test For Compressed Storage Tanks And Mobile Tankers (2 / 5 Years)
  • Rule – 33 :- Certificate Of Safety For Storage Of Compressed Gas In Storage Tanks
  • Rule – 43 :- Certificate Of Safety For Storage Of Compressed Gas In Road Tankers
  • Degassing and Purging of Compressed Gas Road Tankers by approved station from PESO
  • Non - Destructive Testing like Thickness Testing, WMPI, Flaw Detection Testing, Hardness Test, Dye Penetrant Test as per Requirement in Rule 19 of SMPV (U) Rules 2016
  • We Provide Consultancy Services for Getting license for the Installations coming under SMPV (U) Rules 2016 . Our consultancy Service comprises of exact requirements of area for installation, Preparation of drawing, Certification, P&I Drawing and Preparation of documents for final Grant of license.

Facilities For Testing as per SMPV Rules:

  • Hydrotesting : We have high pressure pumps up to 350 bar capacity and sufficient manpower to carry out hydrotest at our Degassing plant and also at the site if required and also take turnkey jobs for total overhauling of Vessels
  • We have 1 lakh ltr of Water tank for carrying out hydrotest of Tankers at our Plant
  • We have facility for Cold repairs if needed in the tankers
  • We have Test Bench for Testing of Safety valves and also carryout Servicing of the same along with part Replacement if needed
  • We Have Testing facility of Excess flow valves and Internal Valves at our Workshop
  • We also supply and replace SRV, Pr Gauges, Excess Flow Valves, Internal Excess Flow Valves, Rotogauge, Temp Gauge, Ball Valves, Level Gauge and spare parts of the same.
  • We have Nitrogen Cylinder bank for Purging of Compressed Gas Tanks and can also get the dew point upto -70° if any special requirement of the customer. We also Take Project Management Consultancy