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Inspection of Pressure Vessels & Pressure Plants

We are Competent person Recognizd as per Gujarat Factory Act and we carry out inspection of various pressure vessels and Pressure Plants like Pressure Vessels, Pressure Piping, Reactors, Heat Exchangers, Distillation Columns etc as per Gujarat Factory Act and certify the same in Form 11 as per Section 31 and Rule 61 as per Gujarat Factory Rules 1963


Our Activities Comprise Of :

  • External Visual Examination ( 6 monthly)
  • Internal Examination (Yearly)
  • Non-Destructive Testing (Yearly)
  • Hydraulic Pressure Testing (2 years/ 4 years)
  • Hydraulic - We have high pressure pumps up to 350 bar capacity and sufficient manpower to carry out hydrotest whenever necessary and also take turnkey jobs for total overhauling of Vessels
  • Pneumatic - Usually carried out only when process does not permit hydrotest.
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