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Inspection of Lifting tools and Tackles & lifts

We are Competent person Recognized as per Gujarat Factory Act and we carry out inspection of Crawler Cranes, Tyre Mounted Cranes, Hydra, Tower Cranes, Gantry Cranes, EOT, Monorail Trolley, HOT, Chain pulley block, Hoists, Forklift, Lifting beams, Material Basket, Winches, D Shackles, Bow Shackles, Chain slings, Wire rope slings, Clamps , Goods Lift/Hoists etc as per Gujarat Factory Act and certify the same in Form 10 as per Section 29 and Rule 60 for Lifting tools & tackles also in Form 9 & Section 28 & Rule 58 for Goods Lift/Hoists as per Gujarat Factory Rules 1963


Krishna Engineers has an extremely competent team and skilled manpower to carry out the inspection in stepwise manner.

We have sufficient nos of Dynamoter to carryout load test at the site. Our Detailed Checklist ensures that each and every part is checked thoroughly and no part is left unseen.

We also undertake the Repairs & Servicing of EOT Cranes, Chain pulley block, Hoists, Rachet Pullet etc with supply of spares We also have Load Testing facility upto 30 Tons at our Workshop Near Ranoli, Vadodara wherein we Repair, Replace the spares if needed and Carryout load test upto 30T.

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